Rob Roy — Volume 01 eBook: Page2

Walter Scott (2004)



  (From the Edinburgh Evening Courant, June 18 to June 21, A.D. 1732. No.1058.)

  "That Robert Campbell, commonly known by the name of Rob Roy MacGregor,being lately intrusted by several noblemen and gentlemen withconsiderable sums for buying cows for them in the Highlands, hastreacherously gone off with the money, to the value of L1000 sterling,which he carries along with him. All Magistrates and Officers of hisMajesty's forces are intreated to seize upon the said Rob Roy, and themoney which he carries with him, until the persons concerned in the moneybe heard against him; and that notice be given, when he is apprehended,to the keepers of the Exchange Coffee-house at Edinburgh, and the keeperof the Coffee-house at Glasgow, where the parties concerned will beadvertised, and the seizers shall be very reasonably rewarded for theirpains."

  It is unfortunate that this Hue and Cry, which is afterwards repeated inthe same paper, contains no description of Rob Roy's person, which, ofcourse, we must suppose to have been pretty generally known. As it isdirected against Rob Roy personally, it would seem to exclude the idea ofthe cattle being carried off by his partner, MacDonald, who wouldcertainly have been mentioned in the advertisement, if the creditorsconcerned had supposed him to be in possession of the money.